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What is Egg Donation?

Egg/Sperm/Embryo Donation are the types in the IVF system. Egg donation With the consent of the donor, who is a woman of age beneath 33 years, the patient borrows the egg from the donor. At that point, the fertilization of the egg with the woman's husband's sperm is done, and the specialists insert the resultant embryo in the womb of the recipient.

The probability of achievement of the procedure is between 30-40%. There are a few cases wherein women of age 50 to 55 have pregnant with this strategy. Also, the most established women on the planet to get this Treatment successfully was of 69 years of age from Italy.

Dr. Fazalunnisa practices in one of the Best Egg/Sperm Donation Clinic in Tolichowki Hyderabad, the oldest lady to conceive through this Treatment is 62 years old. And also probably the most senior women in South India.

Women with the following conditions qualify for the egg donation.

The women who had the Treatment of test tube conceived child in numerous cycles and still failed up to be pregnant can get the egg donation. Young women who have prematurely failed ovaries or the individuals who had chemotherapy or radiation treatment for disease are also qualified for the egg donation.

The chemotherapy and radiation results in the destruction of the eggs. The women who have severe chromosomal defects receive the Treatment so that the genetic defects do not occur in the next generation.

The chemotherapy and radiation bring the destruction of the eggs. The women who have serious chromosomal defects get the Treatment with the goal that the genetic defects don't happen in the next generation.

The quality of eggs might get poor in the case of patients suffering from severe Endometriosis and Tuberculosis. Hence, the egg donation is useful in such cases as well.

Dr. Fazalunissa Clinic is considered the Best Egg/sperm Donation Clinic in Tolichowki Hyderabad. Dr. Fazalunissa is a Senior Fertility Specialist in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad for treating couples suffering from Infertility.

What is Embryo Donation?

How Is Embryo Donation Different From Egg Donation?

The embryo donation is different from the egg donation. In the embryo donation, the donor donates a naturally fertilized embryo which gets transplanted in the womb of the recipient. The donor signs a consent form that states her willingness to donate. It is the right of the donor to stop the process anytime before using the embryo in the Treatment. Later, the donor cannot get involved in the procedures.

How Can I Be Sure Of The Legality Of It?

The embryo donor will sign a consent form which will make state her willingness to donate the embryo. The donor has the right to stop the procedures at any time until the embryo is actually used in Treatment. Afterward, the donor legally exempts herself from any involvement.

Is It A Paid Transaction?

As of now in India Embryo Donation is done completely without payment as per the law. Certain legal developments are underfoot that may change the status quo in the near future. In some countries like the United States of America, it is usual to receive payment for embryo donation.

What About The Possible Genetic Problems For The Child In Future?

All the donors are rigorously tested for any hereditary conditions using the latest genetic analysis techniques before the embryo is used for implantation in the recipient's uterus.

Why Should I Use This Technique?

If you are of advanced age, if other IVF techniques have failed to give positive results for you and you are unable to adopt due to the preference is given to younger couples you should give this technique some serious thought.

Are The Success Rates Good?

The success rates have been found to be quite high. As long as your body is in a state to go through a pregnancy, you may depend upon Dr.Srisailesh and her IVF Clinics in India to give you the little bundle of joy you so desire.

What is Sperm Donation?

It is a good option for the couples in which the males are incapable of producing healthy sperm, or they don't want their kids to inherit any disease. The fertilization of the egg takes place with the donor's sperm inside the body of the recipient. And this process is known as the DI (donor insemination).

The sperm passes through the plastic tube, which passes through the cervix and into the womb. The Treatment takes place when the patient ovulates for better chances of getting pregnant. The fertilization can be done in the laboratory as well with the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). The egg gets removed surgically and fertilized in the lab. After that, the egg is placed back in the womb for the natural development of the embryo.

Dr. Fazalunnisa is a fertility specialist, who combines a high level of medical expertise with the latest IVF treatment-related medical technology to offer high success rates among Infertility treatments. For more information or consultation, please write to

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